World Reef Awareness Day 2020: Happy Reef Awareness Day Photos, Images, Pictures, Wishes & Quotes

By | May 31, 2020

World Reef Awareness Day 2020: Happy Reef Awareness Day Photos, Images, Pictures, Wishes & Quotes:

World Reef Awareness Day 2020

A quarter of the world’s coral has disappeared in the last 30 years, and scientists warn that coral reefs could be entirely wiped out by the end of the century.

Coral reefs support more marine species than any other undersea habitat, with over 25% of the ocean’s fish depending on the healthy coral. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimates that nearly half a billion people depend on reefs as sources of food and income.

This year, Brian Guadagno, CEO of Raw Elements natural sunscreen, has partnered with Hawaiian Airlines and Aqua-Aston Hospitality to launch the first ever World Reef Day on June 1. The goal of the day is to shed light on the state of coral reefs worldwide.

“Our goal for today was to stimulate a global conversation about reef conservation and the simple things we can do in our own lives to make huge changes” – Theresa Van Greunen.

“One of the important things we can do is to create more awareness. There are a lot of people who come to Hawai‘i and aren’t aware of the need to protect the reefs and keep the oceans alive. If we can create awareness among a few more people today and they create awareness among a few more people tomorrow, I think we’ll go a long way in protecting our reefs and making sure we continue to do what we can for our oceans.” – Peter Ingram

“We want to show the rest of the world how we can move forward. If we as islands can figure out solutions at the island level, then we’ve found ways to scale it up to the planet level.” – Scott Glenn

“It’s incredible to see something that started as an idea turning into a global movement. We celebrated the inaugural year in Hawai’i to honor the work the state has done to preserve its reefs. We know that today’s efforts will inspire others, and that’s what it’s all about. Our goal is to build the day each year and create a legacy for future generations.” – Brian Guadagno

Coral reefs can be found in both deep and shallow waters, but it is the latter that lends itself to booming coastal economies through tourism, fishing, shoreline protection and more. Mismanaged and unregulated use of these natural wonders and the waters they live in, however, is cited as one of the leading culprits in the alarming demise of coral reefs on a global scale.

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