Watch Rehana Fathima Viral Video | Activist Rehana Fatima’s New Video, Images, Photos, Picture for Painting/Drawing on Youtube Channel | Body and Politics Images, Photos, Facebook

By | June 24, 2020

Rehana Fathima Viral Video | Watch Activist Rehana Fatima’s video for Painting/Drawing on Youtube Channel | Body and Politics Images, Photos, Facebook

Rehana Fathima Video

Activist Rehana Fatima’s released the video of her own naked body being painted by her children has become controversial on social media. Rehana Fatima has released the video with the introduction of “Fake Morality of the Body of Women” and “Misconceptions about Sexuality”. There has been considerable criticism. There is a growing demand for Paxo to sue Rehana for using her children in the video.

As the video became controversial, discussions on whether to file a case were active among the police. Police are looking into the matter of Rehana’s involvement in the Paxo case. Officials say they are consulting with legal experts on the matter. “

Fatima Rehana released a video in Youtube channel.  Viral Video is also the title of ‘BodyArts and Politics’.  In a society that suffers from severe sexual frustration, women simply do not feel safe in clothes. You need to be open and open about what the body is and what sex is. If it starts from home, it can bring about changes in society, ”Rahna said.

No child who has seen his own mother’s nakedness and body can abuse the female body. “Therefore, vaccines against the mistaken idea of ​​women’s body and sexuality should be initiated from home.

Rehana Fathima Viral Video

Rajeesh Ramachandran, a lawyer from Ernakulam, has lodged a complaint with the Ernakulam South police station alleging that he has introduced a culinary program to create communal tension through YouTube channel. Earlier, police had filed a case against Rahana in another complaint alleging that the religious sentiment was shared. She was 32-year-old Rahana Fatima from Sabah, climbed from Pampa to Sabarimala after the Supreme Court granted her access to older women. Though the police came to the temple in special guise, they turned back to a large protest. BSNL employee Rahna Fatima was recently sacked following controversial incidents.

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