Vizag Gas Leak: 3 Dead & Several Injured in Visakhapatnam LG Polymers

By | May 7, 2020

Vizag Gas Leak: 3 Dead & Several Injured in Visakhapatnam LG Polymers:

Vizag Gas Leak Accident

There is Gas leak accident happened in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh at LG polymers. An accidental leakage of styrene gas from Korean company LG Polymers’ plant at Venkatapuram village in Visakhapatnam left dead at least three persons, including a child, early morning on Thursday. Around 500 people were reported to have got sick and many more struck by panic.

Vizag Gas Leak

Three people including a child died and several fell ill due to chemical gas leakage inside a pharmaceutical company at RR Venkatapuram village in Andhra Pradesh’s Visakhapatnam on Thursday (May 7).

Bhopal gas incident repeated in visakha, 100s of people fainted on road. 5 villages evacuated. 4 people reported dead. Gas spread over 3 km radius. Death toll may rise.

Visakhapatnam: Three persons died, including two elderly people and a seven year old girl, following gas leak at LG polymers in Gopalapatnam on Thursdsy, according to official sources.

Vizag chemical plant gas leak: Death toll reaches 8; over 5,000 fall sickVizagGasLeak #GasLeak #LGPolymersGasLeak.

Vizag Gas Leak News

People were admitted to hospital after they complained of burning sensation in eyes and breathing difficulties. Sources said that police, fire tenders and ambulances reached the spot to control the situation.

Gas Leak LIVE Updates: 3 Killed, Over 200 Hospitalised After Leak at LG Polymers Chemical Plant; Residents Living Within 5km Evacuated..

3·59m: Gas leak at LG Polymers near Gopalapatnam in Vizag creates panic in surrounding areas. Several people including children affected. #Vishakapatnam #gasleak

The photos coming from #VizagGasLeak is horrible!! Animals dying and people falling sick!! 5 people lost their lives till now and over 5000 sick!! Many many animals have lost their life! Praying for everyone..

That’s the leakage of Steroid Gas from #LGPolymers Company….12 people were died till now…, many got illFace with medical mask Pill Syringe… And many went Coma.. Some domestic animals died…

Side Effects doesn’t ends Today!

Precautions for adults:

Right pointing backhand index
Use Wet cloth as Mask
Right pointing backhand index
Don’t inhale or Exhale with mouth
Right pointing backhand index
Keep your Body Covered with cloths & don’t expose to Sunlight
Right pointing backhand index
Clean you eyes & Nose with water

Ventilator is necessary for highly exposed people #gasleak…

Gvt asks people to leave colonies and villages around #LGPolymers for safer locations.Use wet cloth as mask to cover face, mouth #Vizag #gasleak.

Terrible news .. Major #Gasleak in #Visakhapatnam at LG Polymers industry.@ysjaganis it not the responsibility of your govt to have a regular check on the safety standards of these kind of industries?Your negligence is costing life’s of AP ppl.
It’s so painful to see people collapse on road and 5 to 10 people lost their lives and 1000 of them are under critical situation and many more animals were found dead.Face with open mouth and cold sweat..

Please god
Save them
Folded hands
Folded hands
Folded hands
Gas leakage from LG polymers company at RR venkatapuram Near Vepaguntaa in Vizag.
4 died immediately.
1400 +people are in conscious state…

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