VHP Leader Killed: Ravi Vishwakarma Shot Dead | VHP Leader Murdered in Piparia Photos, Videos

By | June 27, 2020

VHP Leader Killed: Ravi Vishwakarma Shot Dead | VHP Leader Murdered in Piparia Photos, Videos:

VHP Leader Killed

In Pibaria, the leader of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad was killed by four men. Ravi Vishwakarma was the head of the district Koraksha. When he left the basement of the bridge at about 7pm on Friday night, half a dozen criminals parked the vehicle in film mode and struck it with rods and sticks.

All the attackers came underneath the masks. The video of this sensational massacre has now gone viral on social media.

It has been reported that Ravi and his three companions were returning from Hoshangabad and stopped their vehicle as soon as they crossed the Underbridge. About half a dozen of them had come out here armed and began firing quickly.

Some attackers continued to attack with sticks and sticks. Ravi’s two companions fled as the vehicle stopped.

Ravi was taken to the hospital after the incident. Now the police are investigating the entire case. Police have recovered cartridges and empty cartridges from the incident’s web site. If the evidence is to be believed, this bloodbath has been made in a mutual contest.

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