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By | June 19, 2020

World Reading Day 2020 June 19th Quotes, Poster, Quiz in Malayalam | Vayana Dinam Malayalam Speech, Quiz, Quotes, Poster, Wikipedia | P. N. Panicker Death Anniversary

PN Panicker reading day

The day is celebrated as the death anniversary of PN Panicker, Founder of Kerala Libraries Movement

P. Pillai, father of literary movements in Kerala N. To commemorate Panicker, a national reading and reading monthly will be held from June 19. The reading day has been observed in Kerala for the past 21 years. The National Reading Mission has decided to hold this observance in 21 states from this year. Panicker Foundation vice-chairman N. Said Balagopal. In addition, the National Reading Mission decided to make e-literacy universal, promote digital reading and emphasize the establishment of digital libraries. Mission Director Dr. B. Hex Rock presided.

These lines of kunjunni mash first come to mind when the reading day comes. My only thought was to read it one day. You can also call it a reading day. Can’t remember what I read the first time. Can’t remember who taught to read. There are many things to remember on the reading day though.

There are many who have read Malayalam in Malayalam, including Kumaranasan, Vallathol, Basheer, ONV Kurup and Madhavikutty. June 19, the death anniversary of Sri PN Panicker, who brought Malayalees into the world of letter and reading and laid the foundations of the Kerala Library Library, is the perfect day for such a thing.

Do you want to read it ..? Some people who don’t like reading may think so. Some mothers and fathers shout, “Come on, read on.” You have to travel a long way from the textbook. Only through constant reading can we truly reach our intended goal. Reading it as a child has to be a habit. Everyone should have a mind to read whatever is on hand.

Many people say reading is dying .. but that’s not the reality. The form and manner of reading have changed. Many people use the Internet and email. If you read the book, you can say that the online reading is flat. Reading with a fingertip is certainly fascinating.

With the development of technology, e-mails and blogs have replaced the modern generation with reading. The reading begins with the pagodas and reaches the monitor via paper. It is impossible to tell how the technology of the future will bring us reading.

But never postpone reading books, knowing the smell and touch, and encouraging online reading. When you open the school, put on a new bag and a dress, come to school, you have prepared a very nice book in the school library. Everyone should be able to hold books close to their heart. You can use this reading day to think about the existence of language.

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