Uttar Pradesh Temporary Exemption From Certain Labour laws ordinance, 2020

By | May 9, 2020

Uttar Pradesh Temporary Exemption From Certain Labour laws ordinance, 2020:

Uttar Pradesh New Labour

The Chief Minister of  Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath Sarkar (Yogi Govt) o has given relief to the business class by changing the UP Labor Acts through an ordinance. The UP Labor Acts have made changes due to the lockdown.

The New Labour laws change will remain in effect for three years. With the running of the industry in the state for a long time, it has been agreed to give them exemption. The period for starting industries in Uttar Pradesh State Industrial Development Authority areas can be increased from one year to three months now.

The leaders of opposition parties in Uttar Pradesh are criticizing this decision of the government and saying it is against the workers in the state.

Priyanka Gandhi Says “The changes made in the labor laws by the UP government should be repealed immediately.You are not ready to help the laborers. You are not giving any protective cover to his family.Now you are making laws to crush their rights.The laborers are country makers, you are not hostage”.

The Opposition Leader Akilesh Yadhav says “The BJP government of Uttar Pradesh has postponed most of the provisions of labor law protecting workers from exploitation by an ordinance for 3 years. This is highly objectionable and inhuman.The anti-poor BJP government, which could not provide protection to the workers, should resign immediately”.

The temporary relaxation has been given for 1000 days for new investment in the UP state and in labor rules for previously established industrial establishments and factories. In this change, wages and their working hours etc. have also been fixed. ‘Saathi Portal’ has been launched for businessmen.

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