Shani Jayanti 2020: Shani Amavasya May 2020 Status, Wishes, Images, Vrat Pooja Vidhi, Photos & Videos

By | May 22, 2020

Shani Jayanti 2020: Shani Amavasya May 2020 Status, Wishes, Images, Vrat Pooja Vidhi, Photos & Videos:

Shani Jayanti 2020 Date: May 22nd 2020

Wish you a Happy Shani Jayanti 2020

Shani Jayanti 2020

Shanidev is always pleased with the people of the lower strata of the society and those who help the economically weaker people and gives good results for their good deeds.On this day, neither wear sapphire nor buy anything made of iron or wear it, due to which Saturn’s bad effects are increased.

Shani Jayanti is celebrated on the new moon day of Jyeshtha month and this time this date is on 22nd May 2020 i.e. Wednesday. It is believed that  by properly worshiping Lord Shani on this day , their wrath can be avoided. On the other hand, if Saturn ‘s condition is going bad in someone’s horoscope, then their worship can be reduced by worshiping them on this day.

On this day, offer oil on the Peepal tree near the idol of Shani Dev or donate that oil to the poor.On this day, feed black sesame and jaggery cheats. Shani Dev is also pleased with this. 

On Saturday, Shanidev fulfills wishes by donating leather shoes and sandal.On the day of Shani Jayanti, offer saffron, sandalwood, rice, flowers mixed with peepal tree and light a lamp of sesame oil.

Shani Jayanti 2020 Mantra:

1. Suryaputra Lagadeho Vishalaksh:
Shivapriya: Saturn in Mandchar Prasannaatma victim Hartu:

2. Neelanjan Samabhasa Ravi Putra Yamagrajan.
Chhaya Martandasambhuntam and Namami Shanaishcharam.

3. Om Shan Shanaishrai Namah. 

4. Om Shan Shanaishrai Namah. 
Dhwajini Dhamini Chave Kankali Kalahapriya.
Kantki kalahi charth turangi mahi aja. 
Shana Shanashrai Namah

5. Om Shan Shanaishrai Namah.
Konastha Pingalo Babhru Krishnau Rowdrantko Yamaha.
Sauri Shanaishra Mandi Pippaladen Sanstha:.
Om Shan Shanaishrai Namah.

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