Sawan Somvar 2020: Happy Sawan Somvar Wishes, Images, Photos, Status, Vrat Katha| Sawan Ke Pahle Somvar Ki Hardik Shubhkamnaye

By | July 6, 2020

Sawan Somvar 2020: Happy Sawan Somvar Wishes, Images, Photos, Status, Vrat Katha| Sawan Ke Pahle Somvar Ki Hardik Shubhkamnaye:

Happy Sawan Somvar 2020 Wishes

Sawan is a fifth month in the Nanakshahi calendar and the Hindu calendar. It is derived from Sanskrit: श्रावण. Many Indian calendars started in different eras such as Shaka Calendar (national calendar of India) traditional Vikrama as well as a new Nanakshahi calendar created a few years ago by SGPC which governs the activities within Sikhism.

This month coincides with Shraavana in the Hindu calendar and the Indian national calendar, and July and August in the Gregorian and Julian calendars and is 31 days long, like the Gregorian and Julian calendars. This month is the most humid month of the year in South Asia.

 Shravan, the fifth month in a traditional Marathi Hindu Calendar, is a highly auspicious month.

From the first day of Sawan Mahina, people observe various Vratas and rituals including abstaining from non-vegetarian food and restricted fasting.

Mondays in the month is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva.

Tuesdays for performing Mangala Gouri Puja.

Shravani Shukrawar, or Fridays in Sawan Month, is highly auspicious. Pujas and prayers are held in all homes. Special prayers are performed for the welfare of children. Neighbours, friends and relatives join in the prayers on the day. Puran lamps are prepared for placing on puja thali. Special Puran dishes are also prepared on the day. Traditional red kumkum tika is applied on the forehead of the children.

 People avoid non-vegetarian food in the month and abstain from drinking alcohol. There are also many devout Hindus who only take a single meal during Shravan month. Some are of the view that restriction in diet is to avoid diseases during the period as Sawan falls during the peak monsoon season.

Mother Nature also plays and important role in the festivals and rituals in the month. After the long harsh summer, Shravan month comes with the monsoon rains and farmers pray for an incident free rainy season and a good harvest.

Shravan is the 10th month in a traditional Gujarati calendar and numerous Vrat and rituals are observed in the month. In Gujarat, Shravan is the month of Vrats and the Vrat cycle for many Hindu communities commences in Shravan. There are people who only take a single meal during the Shravan month. Strict vegetarian diet is followed by many. Some people read a particular holy scripture during the month.

Mondays in Shravan month is dedicated to Lord Shiva and devout Hindus perform the Shravan Somvar Vrat and continue it on all Mondays in Sawan. Some people observe it for years on the Shravan month. Usually, Shravan somwar Vrat is observed to get a good husband or for the welfare and long life of husbands and for a peaceful and happy life. Some couples also observe the fasting for saving their sons and daughters from serious diseases.

On Saturdays in Shravan month fast is observed to escape from the bad influence of Lord Shani.* On the first Sunday of Shravan Veerpasli is a vrat observed and is continued for next eight days for the welfare of male members in the family.On the ninth day of Shravan Noli Nom is observed by childless couples.

On the third day of waxing and waning phase of moon Phool Kajali and Chokha Kajali are observed. This is for getting a good life partner and for a happy married life. Gai Vrat which is observed during the entire Shravan month is also to get a good husband. On the 12th day of Sawan Bhe Bharas is another ritual observed and is observed near a water body.

Bol Choth is another important ritual observed by all the family members and it is for the welfare of cattle. People cook outside on the day.* Other rituals that are observed in the month include Nag Pancham, Shitala Satam, and Randhan Chat.* The most important festival in the month is the Sri Krishna Janmashtami.

Sawan Somvar 2020

Every devotee has to keep certain points in mind while performing the fast for Sawan Somvars. These points will prove to be beneficial in getting the maximum benefit of the Sawan Somvar Vrat.

1. Get up early in the morning and perform all the morning rituals like bathing, wearing clean clothes, etc.
2. Go to the nearest temple and bathe the Shiva Lingam with water, milk, or the mix of both.
3. Clean the Puja Sthana (place to perform Puja) at home, establish the idol or picture of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati.
4. Take the Sankalp (pledge) that you will perform all the Somvar Vrat with full faith and devotion. The Sankalp can be taken by reciting the Mantra: ‘ मम क्षेमस्थैर्यविजयारोग्यैश्वर्याभिवृद्धयर्थं सोमव्रतं करिष्ये’.
5. Take the name of Lord Shiva and perform meditation by reciting the following Mantra: ध्यायेन्नित्यंमहेशं रजतगिरिनिभं चारुचंद्रावतंसं रत्नाकल्पोज्ज्वलांग परशुमृगवराभीतिहस्तं प्रसन्नम्। पद्मासीनं समंतात्स्तुतममरगणैर्व्याघ्रकृत्तिं वसानं विश्वाद्यं विश्ववंद्यं निखिलभयहरं पंचवक्त्रं त्रिनेत्रम् ॥
6. In the evening, take bath or clean your hands and feet properly for performing Puja once again.
7. Clean the Puja Sthan (place for performing Puja) and worship Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati, by reciting the Mantra: ‘ओम नम: शिवाय’
8. Recite or listen to Somvar Vrat Katha, otherwise the fast is considered as incomplete.
9. Recite Aarti with other family members or devotees.
10. Distribute Prasad (sacred food) among all the devotees or family members.
11. The devotees can now consume the food for fast (Satvik Khana).
Keep all these points in mind and perform Sawan Somvar Vrat for obtaining maximum benefits.

Savan 2020: Auspicious Results Of Sawan Somvar Vrat

After discussing that how to perform Sawan Somvar Vrat, we should also not miss out the auspicious results that can be obtained by observing this very auspicious Savan Somvar Vrat every year and during Savan in 2020.

1. All the difficulties and tensions of life will disappear.
2. Lord Shiva blesses unmarried girls with desired husband.
3. Lord Shiva blesses married ladies with long life and well being of husband and sons.
4. Lord Shiva fulfills all the desires and wishes of his devotees.
5. Lord Shiva blesses his devotees with wealth and prosperity.

Lord Shiva is so kind toward his devotees that anyone can easily please him by showing love and gratitude, thus he is also known as Bholenath. Let’s now talk about another very important day of Savan that is Sawan Shivaratri.

Sawan 2020: Sawan Shivaratri

Sawan Shivratri is also a major part of the month Savan. Its celebrations are observed by devotees with full faith and devotion, as it falls in the special month of Savan. It is the second most important Shivaratri after Maha Shivratri . It is also believed that if Sawan Shivaratri falls on the day of monday, its significance increases up to many times. Because then, the three auspicious events related to Lord Shiva fall on the same day that are the month Savan, Sawan Somvar and Shivaratri.

Legend Of Savan:

Let’s discuss the legend of month Savan, before performing the Sawan Somvar Vrat in 2020.
The legend of Savan is related to Lord Shiva. During the period of Samudra Manthan, lots of things came out which were equally distributed among the gods and demons. Some undesirable items also came out from the Manthan, which were not accepted by any of the god or demon, such as Halahal (poison). This poison or Vish/Halahal could have some really adverse effects on the living beings. The whole world could have finished or adversely affected by Halahal.

For saving the world from these ill effects of Halahal, Lord Shiva consumed the whole Halahal and stored it in his throat. Due to this reason, the color of his neck turned blue and he was attributed with the name Neelkantha. This whole event took place in the month of Savan, which increased the significance of worshiping Lord Shiva in the month of Savan.

Beautiful Month Of Savan:

The month of Sawan is considered as the most beautiful month in terms of weather changes. Every year, some really pleasant changes are encountered by nature in itself in the month of Sawan.

The sky fills with clouds, the fields fill with green grass and beautiful flowers. Rainy season starts in the month of Sawan or Shravan and it seems like the whole universe is worshiping Lord Shiva by pouring water on him in the form of rain.

The whole world feels relieved in the month of Sawan with the cool breezes and rains, after the hot season of summers. It seems like all the birds and insects come out to greet Lord Shiva. Water level also increases in the month of Savan. Nature regains its beauty in the month of Savan.

Every year, the pleasant weather and divinity come along in the month of Sawan. We are going to encounter these beautiful changes of nature filled with the blessings of Lord Shiva again during Sawan in 2020.If you also want to gain auspiciousness, wealth, and prosperity in life, worship Lord Shiva during Sawan in 2020 and observe all the Sawan Somvar Vrats in 2020.

We wish you Happy Sawan Somvars in 2020!

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