Red Zone In India: Red Zone States, Districts, Cities in India

By | May 2, 2020

Red Zone In India: Red Zone States, Districts, Cities in India:

Red Zone in India

The Indian Government classified places as Red Zone, Orange Zone & Green Zone as per the number of infected corona cases in the specified area.

On 1 May, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and the Government of India (GoI) further extended the lockdown period to two weeks beyond 4 May, with so

me relaxations.The country has been split into 3 zones: red zones (130 districts), orange zones (284 districts) and green zones (319 districts).Red Zones have a high number of coronavirus cases and a high doubling rate, Orange Zones have comparatively fewer cases and Green Zones have not had any cases in the past 21 days.

On 14 April, PM Modi extended the nationwide lockdown till 3 May, with a conditional relaxation promised after 20 April for the regions where the spread had been contained by then.He said that every town, every police station area and every state would be carefully evaluated to see if it had contained the spread. The areas that were able to do so would be released from the lockdown on 20 April. If any new cases emerged in those areas, lockdown could be reimposed.

On 16 April, lockdown areas were classified as “red zone”, indicating the presence of infection hotspots, “orange zone” indicating some infection, and “green zone” with no infections.

The government also announced certain relaxations from 20 April, allowing agricultural businesses, including dairy, aquaculture and plantations, as well as shops selling farming supplies, to open. Public works programmes were also allowed to reopen with instructions to maintain social distancing. Cargo transportation vehicles, including trucks, trains and planes, would run. Banks and government centres distributing benefits would open as well.

On 25 April, small retail shops were allowed to open with half the staff. Again social distancing norms were to be followed.

On 29 April, The Ministry of Home Affairs issued guidelines for the states to allow inter-state movement of the stranded persons. States have been asked to designate nodal authorities and form protocols to receive and send such persons. States have also been asked to screen the people, quarantine them and to do periodic health checkups.

State Wise Red Zone Area in India:

Red Zone in Andhra Pradesh
Red Zone in Arunachal Pradesh
Red Zone in Assam
Red Zone in Bihar
Red Zone in Chandigarh
Red Zone in Chhattisgarh
Red Zone in Delhi
Red Zone in Goa
Red Zone in Gujarat
Red Zone in Haryana
Red Zone in Himachal Pradesh
Red Zone in Jammu And Kashmir
Red Zone in Jharkhand
Red Zone in Karnataka
Red Zone in Kerala
Red Zone in Madhya Pradesh
Red Zone in Maharashtra
Red Zone in Manipur
Red Zone in Meghalaya
Red Zone in Mizoram
Red Zone in Nagaland
Red Zone in Odisha
Red Zone in Puducherry
Red Zone in Punjab
Red Zone in Rajasthan
Red Zone in Sikkim
Red Zone in Tamil Nadu
Red Zone in Telangana
Red Zone in Tripura
Red Zone in Uttar Pradesh
Red Zone in Uttarakhand
Red Zone in West Bengal

People were seen breaching the lockdown and not following social distancing by crowding in vegetable markets in some places. On 29 March, Prime Minister Modi advised against this, urging people to stay home in his Mann Ki Baat radio address.

On 27 March 2020, the police arrested 8 people and registered a complaint against 150 people in Hardoi for gathering at a mosque.On 2 April 2020, thousands of people assembled at temples in various parts of West Bengal defying the lockdown for celebrating Ram Navami. 12 members of Tablighi Jamaat were arrested on 5 April 2020 in Muzaffarnagar for defying the lockdown and organising an event.A priest in Andhra Pradesh was arrested for defying the lockdown and organizing a gathering of 150 people in a church.

So Please Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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