Rayshard Brooks Death: Rayshard Brooks Killed by Atlanta Police | Rayshard Brooks Photos, Images, Videos, Pictures, Latest News

By | June 14, 2020

Rayshard Brooks Death: Rayshard Brooks Killed by Atlanta Police | Rayshard Brooks Photos, Images, Videos, Pictures, Latest News:

Rayshard Brooks Death

Rayshard Brooks, a 27-year-old black man, was shot and killed by an Atlanta Police Department officer on the night of June 12, 2020.Brooks had resisted arrest, wrestled with two police officers, wrested a Taser from one officer, then ran away as officers pursued him, and turned as he was running and aimed the Taser at an officer, who then shot him.

Video of the incident went viral. Atlanta Chief of Police Erika Shields resigned the next day, saying she wanted to help rebuild trust in the community.Protestors later set fire to the Wendy’s where the shooting had taken place.

Around 10:30 p.m. on June 12, 2020, Atlanta Police Department officers responded to a complaint about a man sleeping in a car blocking a Wendy’s fast-food drive-through lane in the southside of Atlanta, Georgia. The officers found Brooks in the car and administered a field sobriety test. After failing the sobriety test, Brooks resisted arrest, wrestling on the ground with two officers.During the struggle an officer told Brooks to “stop fighting” and warned “hands off the taser.”

Rayshard Brooks Killed by Atlanta Police

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), witnesses reported and video showed Brooks wrestling away an officer’s Taser, and running away as the officers chased him. He then turned as he ran and aimed the Taser at an officer. At that point, the officer who Brooks aimed the Taser at fired his gun.

Brooks died in surgery. One officer was treated for an injury.

The Atlanta Police Department asked GBI to investigate the shooting.The GBI will turn over the results of its investigation to the Fulton County District Attorney’s office,The District Attorney’s Office will decide whether criminal charges against either officer are warranted. which is conducting its own independent investigation without waiting for the GBI investigation results.

The two officers involved were removed from duty pending investigation. The officer who shot Brooks has been identified as Garrett Rolfe and was subsequently fired, while a second officer involved in the incident, Devin Bronsan, has been put on administrative duty. On June 13, Erika Shields, Atlanta’s Chief of Police, resigned to help rebuild trust in the community.

Demonstrators gathered at the site of the shooting on June 12 and 13. On June 13, a crowd burned down the Wendy’s restaurant outside which Brooks was shot.

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