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By | May 19, 2020

Prithviraj chauhan Jayanti 2020 | पृथ्वी राज चौहान जयंती

prithiviraj chauhan


Prithviraj Chauhan 1178-1192 Chauhan dynasty of Hindu warrior king, who in the late 12th century in northern India Ajmer (Ajaymeru) and Delhi State Used to do They are famous by the name Bharateshwar, Prithvirajatriya, Hindusamrat, Sapadalaksheswara, Rai Pithora etc. Famous as the last Hinduuraja of India, Prithviraj ascended the throne at the age of fifteen (15) in 1235 Vikram Samvatsar. Prithviraj had thirteen queens. Coincidence of them Is considered to be the most famous. Prithviraj defeated the Bhadanak Deshi in 117 years, the Jejakabhukti ruler in 1162 and the Chalukya dynasty in 1183 in the Digvijay campaign . During these years, a warrior named Ghori (Ghori) was defeating many districts by deceit or force in the north of India , wishing to expand his rule and religion. As a result of his rule of expansion and expansion of religion, Prithviraj’s association with Ghori started from 1165 years.

After that many small and medium wars took place between Prithviraj and Ghori. The number of wars which are found in different texts are number 9, 14, 21 and 26. In all the wars, Prithviraj made Ghori a prisoner and left him. But for the last time in the second war of Tarayan in 1192, Mohammad Gauri held Prithviraj Chauhan captive by deceit in the darkness of night, after Ghori tried to get Prithviraj to declare ‘Islam ‘ – religion for a few days . In that attempt, Prithviraj was given physical pains. At the time of torturing the body, Ghori blinded Prithviraj. Andh Prithviraj, along with his friend Chanderbardai Charan, planned to kill Ghori, under the plan, the Hindu heart emperor Prithviraj Chauhan killed Mohammed Ghori by dropping arrows from word-of-mouth.

 One and the best of all,

Shariren saman namsham sarva adhuddhi gachthi. 4.149 Manusmriti

That is, religion is the kind of friend who also walks with death. All other things perish along with the body. According to the opinion of historian Dr. Bindhyanath Chauhan, Prithviraj practiced the said verse till the last time.

When the tales of Prithviraj’s bravery reached Jayachand’s daughter Sanyogita, she began to fall in love with Prithviraj and secretly began to communicate with him. When Sanyogita’s father Jaychand came to know about this, he decided to teach his daughter and her lover Prithviraj a lesson.

   Jaichand organized his daughter’s swayamvara in which the Hindu bride was allowed to choose her bridesmaid and every person who put a garland around her neck would become her queen. Jaichand sent an invitation to all the big and small princes of the country to join the royal swayamvara, but he deliberately did not send an invitation to Prithviraj. Not only this, in order to insult Prithviraj, put an idol of Prithviraj in place of the gatekeepers.

 Prithviraj came to know of this thoughtful move of Jaichand and made a secret plan to get his girlfriend Sayongita. On the day of Swayamvar, Sayongita passed through all the princes who had gathered in the assembly. Ignoring everyone, he reached the main gate and put a necklace on the neck of the statue of Prithviraj, who was the gatekeeper. All the people gathered at the meeting were stunned by his decision as he honored a lifeless idol while making all the princes ashamed.

Prithviraj fought with Ghori is disputed. Because different historical figures are given in different historical literature. But the description of their fierce war is available everywhere. The first war of Narayan and the second war of Narayan are famous. The first war took place in the year 1191 AD and the second war took place in the year AD 1992. Prithviraj won in the first war and Prithviraj was defeated in the second.

Prithviraj Raso states that, Prithviraj had punished Ghori thrice (3)  . Prithviraj had arrested Ghori seven times, this is found in Hammirmahakaavya. It is mentioned in the Prabandhak that Prithviraj had arrested Ghori twenty times (20) and left him. According to the Surjancharitamahakavya, Prithviraj punished Ghori twenty-one times. According to the Prabandhchintamani text twenty-three times (23) Prithviraj left Ghori alive .

The evidence of Prithviraj’s war with Ghori is unavailable. Therefore, the dispute regarding the definite number remains unchanged. But historians believe that Prithviraj and Ghori suffered numerous friction between them. Somewhere small friction is bad. Prithviraj was victorious in all friction. So the number is unclear, but the certainty of Prithviraj’s victory has been shown everywhere. Prithviraj was defeated in the last war ie in the second war of Narayan.

Prithviraj died on 11/3/1192 day. According to the Indian Panchang, Prithviraj died on the date of Krishna Ekadashi (11/1/129) of the Chaitramas of 1289 Vikramasvatsar. The details of where and when Prithviraj died was found to be different in different texts. But Prithviraj died in Ajmeru 7 (Ajmer) ‘s Prasad (Durg).

Ghori somehow wanted to force Prithviraj to accept ‘Islam’ religion. Hence, he was ready to establish a co-ethical relationship with Prithviraj. But Prithviraj was determined to reject the ‘Islam’ religion. Dr. Hemachandra Rai writes that, “The history and self-respect of the Chauhan dynasties could not be confined to Prithiviraj as a confinement or bond life for Prithviraj” .

Hence Prithviraj had two routes. Protection of treaty or self-respect using political pragmatism. Prithviraj chose the second route. After getting a negative response from Prithviraj, Ghori got burnt in anger. Therefore, he started giving physical and mental torture to Prithviraj to get him to do his desired work. Prithviraj did not succumb to Ghori’s deathly suffer. Therefore, he conspired to diplomatically convince Prithviraj of ‘Islam’ religion. Ghori sent traitor minister Pratapsingh who served Ghori for many years near Prithviraj. Pratapsingh’s aim was to somehow punish Prithviraj for pursuing the ‘Islam’ religion. Therefore, he kept explaining to Prithviraj for a few days. Prithviraj believed in Pratap Singh and told him the agony of his mind and also told him the plan of Banvedh.

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