Penguin Movie 2020 Watch Amazon Prime Video Full Movie Download {Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu} Story, Rating, Review, Cast, Song

By | June 19, 2020

Penguin Movie 2020 Watch Amazon Prime Video {Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu} Full Movie Download Story, Rating, Review, Cast, Song:

Penguin Movie on Amazon Prime Video (Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu Dubbed)

Penguin Movie 2020

Penguin is an upcoming Indian Tamil-language mystery thriller film directed by Eshavar Karthic (in his directorial debut) and produced by Karthik Subbaraj. The film stars Keerthy Suresh as a pregnant woman. It is scheduled to release on 19 June 2020 on Prime Video.

Penguin is a thriller film of 2020. The story of the film is not officially out. We will be updating you soon on the story of the film after an official confirmation from the sources.

Penguin is an Upcoming Tamil Language Movie of 2020. This movie is a drama genre movie. The features of this movie are Keerthy Suresh in the lead roles along with other actors.This Tamil movie directed by Eshavar Karthic. This Tamil film produced by PRK Productions. This movie’s posters released on 17th May 2020. This Tamil movie will be released on 19th June 2020.

The music was composed by Santhosh Narayanan.

Amazon Prime Video is one of the popular digital platforms. It is quite trending and has kept all the users entertained during the quarantine period. Penguin is an upcoming Tamil movie that will be releasing on Amazon Prime Video.

In August 2019, it was announced that Keerthy Suresh had signed on an untitled “mystery thriller” film to be produced by Karthik Subbaraj under his banner Stone Bench Films, and directed by debutant Eashvar Karthic.[3] The film, which was Stone Bench Films’ third production venture, began filming in September. The title Penguin was announced on October 17, Keerthy Suresh’s birthday. Filming wrapped up in November.

The trailer of the film is yet to be out by the makers. We will be updating you soon after confirmation from the sources.

Till then stick around this page for more recent information.

As the country is on lockdown due to coronavirus spread. The theaters are shut and the shooting for the upcoming shows and movies is also on halt. During this situation filmmakers are releasing the movies on the digital platform.

Penguin Movie 2020 Download

Download the Amazon Prime Video app on your android and IOS devices to enjoy the release of the film. For android devices download the app from the Google Play Store. And for IOS devices download the app from the Apple App Store. Or you can also visit the official website of Amazon Prime Video.

Penguin Movie 2020 Rating and Review


1.PENGUIN becomes the second Kollywood big ticket to release on AMAZON PRIME. Again this film like the earlier “Ponmagal Vandhal” is a heroine centric film and has Keerthi Suresh in the lead. The film is produced by  Karthick Subbaraj’s Stone Bench Creations, the film is written and directed by Eashvar Karthic.

PENGUIN is a thriller mystery that takes time to unfold.. Just like commercial films these mystery films also have a set template (dog, rhymes, symbols..) that most stick to and can bring in a feel of déjà vu. Not to forget the liberties that they take to dramatize events, the logic too can take a knock here and there. The scenes freeze longer than the surroundings that they are set in and the cold location is contrived to accentuate the chillness on the screen. Yes all of the above work in parts. The red herrings are thrown around to stimulate doubt. With fewer characters and none so important than the lead and the kid, the guess work becomes very easy considering the other characters get very little to say.

Keerthy Suresh hogs most of the screen time while the rest have little to showcase. Keerthy Suresh is simple pale and cycles few expressions that the character demands. The males in the film are never around not just for the audience, even for the heroine in the film.

Karthic Palani’s cinematography combines well with Sontosh Narayan’s music to give you the chills and the thrills. Anil Krish’s editing could have been crisper, but then the content?. Dialogues are decent while direction for a debutant is good.

PENGUIN is OK for a debut film and very OK for a home watch, but then for the most careless mom in the world, PENGUIN takes the award !!!


Penguin Full Movie 2020 Download in Tamil

2. I honestly just watched it for Keerthi. Here’s what I felt…Movie starts off really well and sometimes I wondered if it was horror (LOL) but no. Before interval, it had an amazing buildup. Cinematography at its best. After that I kept hoping it would surprise me, shock me but not as much. Though its intended to be portrayed that way but somewhere falls short a little. When you’re a sucker for crime thriller/thriller fantasy, the story in our imagination is quite superior and you keep expecting more. The climax fell short for me. It needed more soul. The main antagonist had to act better. It needed more intensity but sadly lacked soul. I kept improvising the acting of the main villian in my mind🙊😅The game a little before climax reminded me of Vikram Vedha’s “Oru kadhai soluta Sir” but didn’t give me the same chills. Overall, it’s a one time watch. Maybe even considered good according to many. But we, suckers for Crime thriller are tough ones to please anyway.

3.Movie starts with a crime thriller but, end withs a normal revenge story. #KeerthySuresh given another brilliant performance 👌👏👍. Loved the work of cinematography and music. Interrogation scene towards climax feels lengthy also unexpected twist in the end is plus. #Villain character perfectly disclosed. Finally its a worth watchable film from #EswarKarthik and team 👍👌.

4. One word is keerthi suresh performance…yes it’s her performance which is content of film…all other failed pathetically….director really got confused focusing on which arena mother sentiment or a thriller movie….if u r expecting a thrilling experience then it is laughable play…climax is too worst and routine…..first 40 minutes is just playing around only few interesting scenes will be showcased…  supporting characters RHYTHUM husbands first one as raghu did a decent job second one Gotham is struggling to present….rhythum is shown as mother in pain of losing child but why envy  to character??? she married and about to have a second child with in one year of marriage in film what director wants to tell by this???? He might mean mother didn’t gave up even after about to have another life..but it didnt conveyed well..audience disconnects with rhythm pain of mother in this aspect…movie is only for keerthi performance and acting..0ut 2.5 …2.4 is for keerthi performance and 0.1 is rest..for cinematography..promoting this as a physiological thriller is biggest sin…which makes people to expect an thriller and then get disappointed…cyrus is an impressive dog…keerthi and black labrador are only dominant characters in film…

Penguin Full Movie 2020 Download in Telugu

4.Yet another women oriented film in OTT like PMV. Trying to be a decent thriller mystery, yet with a message to glorify motherhood, but end up in usual revenge drama. Time to time Keerthy’s heroics tests your patience, there is no males in the movie for the audience as well for the Keerthy to support. Back ground score is rock solid  and so the cinematography. It blends well, Totally harmless movie to see in OTT.

5.I think director did a big mistake by taking Charlie Chaplin has villan….Charlie Chaplin is one of the greatest actor and one of the best comedian as one knows….. Any child will love Charlie Chaplin….. If you want to bring bad fame to.his character…..this is not the way director should do. All the scenes are from Hollywood movies…there is no suspense..if you can watch any crime suspense cyco thriller movies you have those scenes common. Anyway 1 rating.  I hate when charcter like Charlie Chaplin is included.

6. Really…!A well directed one.Movie starts in a very interesting manner as all you know it is a crime thriller, but at the climax you will realisethe genre of this movie. A very good experience.Try out the movie…!It worths your payment…!Mesmerizing performance by Keerthi suresh….!Congratulations to the whole team of PENGUIN.

7.The film was so good until the third act which failed very badly. It also destroyed the essence of the 1st and 2nd act of the filmThe cinematography and DI was beautiful and the whole film was so very well shot as well.The music was overused and in some places did give chills.The twists were barely important and didn’t actually gave shock.The performance of keerthy suresh was absolutely brilliant and top notch. The supporting cast also did well.On the whole, the film was average thriller and could have done better if the third act was written better.

8. The actress was amazing with regards to the performance. But the other characters weren’t so apt in terms of justifying the roles 100%. And also the plot twist was also not that gripping and convincing when the movie is coming to an end. Over all you can watch it once.

9. Cinematography best, keerthy suresh acting is extra ordinary. Second half before climax 25mins part is only what we expect in this movie, rest of the mins are ok, climax worst. Best scenery has taken by camera man. Watchable movie without big expectations.

Penguin Full Movie 2020 Download in Malayalam

10. A complete waste of time. This movie director has to work for another 25 years even to be a mediocre.. Boring story, Terrible screenplay, Untrained actors, Average music, Funniest twists and have to say about direction most importantly.. There was no any single evidence that this movie was directed by someone.. Even teenage shortfilm directors would make some sensible shots comparing to this director..


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