New Cyclone in Arabian Sea: A new cyclone affects Gujarat & Maharashtra States

By | May 25, 2020

New Cyclone in Arabian Sea: A new cyclone affects Gujarat & Maharashtra States:

New Cyclone in Arabian Sea

The vice president of Skymet Mahesh Palawat says, “There is no depression in the Arabian Sea at this time. A cyclonic circulation exists in the southeast Arabian Sea, which will create a region of low pressure”.

A new cyclone is now forming in the Arabian Sea of ​​Gujarat. It is expected to hit the coast of Gujarat around June 03. Cyclonic’s movement will decide in the coming days whether it will come or not. In the near future, cyclonic circulation south-east of the Arabian Sea may create low pressure.

Palawat says, “A region of low pressure made of cyclonic circulation can deepen into a depression and become a cyclone later.”

 It is also likely to split in Gujarat due to low pressure by 03 June. Therefore, heavy rains may occur in Gujarat and Maharashtra from the beginning of June.

In such a situation, the direct question arises whether a cyclone in the Arabian Sea can cause havoc in Maharashtra and Gujarat, just as Anpan has caused in Odisha and West Bengal!Palavat says, “It is too early to say. We should wait and watch. “

Weather forecaster Ambalal Patel said that there is a possibility of thunderstorms in North Gujarat and Kutch from 27 to 31 May. The storm is also expected to be active in the Arabian Sea from 1 to 7 June. Therefore on June 7, high waves will rise in the sea.

Palawat also tells about a possible time line that this cyclonic circulation can reach southeast Arabian Sea by 30 May. Where it will be converted into low pressure area and this low pressure area will turn into depression and will show its effect towards Gujarat coast around June 3.

 There is also a possibility of rain in coastal areas from June 13 to 15. Therefore, between 8 and 15 June, there will be strong wind in the coastal areas. Thunderstorms will occur over North Gujarat and parts of Kutch.

Palavat says, “In the beginning of the month of June, there seems to be a possibility of heavy rain in western India, especially Maharashtra and Gujarat.”

Analyzing the data for the last ten years also makes it clear that in a particular year there is also the possibility of not having a single cyclonic storm. And the average of two cyclonic storms in both basins also came from these statistical calculations.

There will be upheaval in parts of North Gujarat, Kutch. Hurricanes will occur at a speed of 25 to 30 kmph. It is also expected to storm the Arabian Sea from 01 to 07 June.

Meteorologists at Skymet, a private weather forecasting agency, say that in the pre-monsoon season in 2011 and 2012, there were no storms in either of the two basins.

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