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By | May 6, 2020

 “Happy Narasimha Jayanthi 2020”

We are Celebrating the Lord Narasimha festival is Narasimha Jayanti, Holi.

For the year of 2020 Narasimha Jayanti Festival celebrating on May 6th 2020.

Narasimha Jayanti Madhyahna Sankalp Time – 11:41 AM to 02:29 PM

Chaturdashi Tithi Begins – 01:51 PM on May 05, 2020

Chaturdashi Tithi Ends – 10:14 AM on May 06, 2020


Narasimha Jayanti is celebrated in Vaisakh during the Shukla Paksha on the Chaturdashi tithi.

narasimra jayanthi

Instruction of Prayer:

The rules and guidelines to observe Narasimha Jayanti fasting are similar to those of Ekadashi fasting. Devotees eat only single meal one day before Narasimha Jayanti. All type of grains and cereals are prohibited during Narasimha Jayanti fasting. Parana, which means breaking the fast, is done next day at an appropriate time.A number of prayers have been written in dedication to Narasiṃha avatāra. These include]

  • The Narasiṃha Mahā-Mantra
  • Narasiṃha Praṇāma Prayer
  • Daśāvatāra Stotra by Jayadeva
  • Kāmaśikha Aṣṭakam by Vedānta Deśika
  • Divya Prabandham 2954
  • Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalamba Stotram by Adi Shankaracharya

Narasimha is a fierce avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu, one who incarnates in the form of part lion and part man to destroy evil and end religious persecution and calamity on Earth, thereby restoring Dharma.

Narasimha iconography shows him with a human torso and lower body, with a lion face and claws, typically with a demon Hiranyakashipu in his lap whom he is in the process of killing. The demon is powerful brother of evil Hiranyaksha who had been previously killed by Vishnu, who hated Vishnu for killing his brother. Hiranyakashipu gains special powers by which he could not be killed during the day or night, inside or outside, by any weapon, and by man or animal.[4] Endowed with new powers, Hiranyakashipu creates chaos, persecutes all devotees of Vishnu including his own son. Vishnu understands the demon’s power, then creatively adapts into a mixed avatar that is neither man nor animal and kills the demon at the junction of day and night, inside and outside. Narasimha is known primarily as the ‘Great Protector’ who specifically defends and protects his devotees from evil. The most popular Narasimha mythology is the legend that protects his devotee Prahlada, and creatively destroys Prahlada’s demonic father and tyrant Hiranyakashipu.

Narasimha legends are revered in Vaikhanasas, Sri Vaishnavism, Madhwa Brahmins but he is a popular deity beyond these Vaishnava traditions such as in Shaivism. He is celebrated in many regional Hindu temples, texts, performance arts and festivals such as Holika prior to the Hindu spring festival of colors called Holi. The oldest known artwork of Narasimha has been found at several sites across Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh, such as at the Mathura archaeological site. These have been variously dated between 2nd and 4th-century CE.

narasimra jayanthi happy

Narasimha is always shown with a lion face with clawed fingers fused with a human body. Sometimes he is coming out of a pillar signifying that he is everywhere, in everything, in everyone. Some temples such as at Ahobilam, Andhra Pradesh, the iconography is more extensive, and includes nine other icons of Narasimha:

  • Prahladavarada: blessing Prahlada
  • Yogānanda-narasiṃha: serene, peaceful Narasimha teaching yoga
  • Guha-narasiṃha: concealed Narasimha
  • Krodha-narasiṃha: angry Narasimha
  • Vira-narasimha: warrior Narasimha
  • Malola-narasiṃha or Lakshmi-narasimha: with Lakshmihis wife
  • Jvala-narasiṃha: Narasimha emitting flames of wrath
  • Sarvatomukha-narasimha: many faced Narasimha
  • Bhishana-narasimha: ferocious Narasimha
  • Bhadra-narasimha: another fierce aspect of Narasimha
  • Mrityormrityu-narasimha: defeater of death aspect of Narasimha

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