Morari Bapu Controversy: FIR Filed against Morari Bapu & apologizes from Murari Bapu publicly for Yadav society

By | June 9, 2020

Morari Bapu Controversy: FIR Filed against Morari Bapu & apologizes from Murari Bapu publicly for Yadav society:

Morari Bapu Controversy

Morari Bapu (Moraridas Prabhudas Hariyani) is Hindu spiritual leader and preacher from Gujarat state of India who is popularly known for his discourses on Ramcharitmanas across various cities in India and abroad. He is also known for philanthropy and social reforms through his discourses.

On Monday, Yadav Samaj youth organization Balaghat and Krishna devotees reached the Superintendent of Police office and demanded action against Kathak.

A complaint letter has also been submitted regarding the demand. The Yaduvanshis said that Lord Krishna is the deity of God, whose devotion is not only worshiped in many countries of the world. Lord Krishna is considered by people of all religions. Murari Bapu gave such a vulgar comment about the divine God Shri Krishna and his family.

The people of the Yadav Samaj youth organization Balaghat have filed complaints and demanded appropriate action and public apology.

At the age of 20, he gave his first discourse on Ramcharitmanas under Ramparsad Maharaj at a nine day discourse held at Gandila, a village in Gujarat.Since then, bapu has performed 800+ Ramkathas, each of 9 days based upon a particular verse from Ramcharitmanas. He has also narrated upon 19 verses of the reverend Gopi Geet (each verse discourse of 7 days).

His Katha, always went through it’s journey with 2 vital aspects – “Bhajan”(Prayers) and “Bhojan Prasad”(meals/blessed food/sacrament). His katha never had any boundaries to who can listen to his katha/orations-irrespective of his gender,caste,religion,breed,financial status,etc. It was and is always open to all,for all and of all. He gave his first discourse abroad in Nairobi in 1976.

He gives discourses (kathaas) in Gujarati and Hindi in India and abroad. He has given discourses in the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Cambodia, Jordan, Muscat as well as on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea, and on an airplane travelling the world, in Vatican City and on the foothills of Mount Kailash in China.

He used to keep 300-years-old copy of Ramayana with him which he received from his grandfather and follows a vow of silence, on every Saturday.He is not an ascetic but follows traditions of Hindu asceticism.

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