Mithuna Sankranti 2020 मिथुन संक्रांति Date & Time Meaning, Significance in Hindi, Puja , Images, Wishes, Songs

By | June 14, 2020

Mithuna Sankranti 2020 मिथुन संक्रांति Date & Time Meaning, Significance in Hindi, Puja , Images, Wishes, Songs:

Mithuna Sankranti 2020

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There are twelve Sankrantis in every year and all of them are highly auspicious for doing Dan-Punya activities. However, it should be remembered that only some specific time duration before or after each Sankranti muhurta is considered auspicious for doing Sankranti related activities.

Mithuna Sankranti 2020:  When Sun enters from one zodiac sign to another, that event is called Sankranti. According to Hindu calendar, the Sun travels in all the 12 zodiac signs throughout the year, according to which it travels in 1 zodiac every month. And when the Sun travels in one zodiac and enters another, it is called Sankranti.

Mithun Sankranti is also one of those which is considered one of the important religious festivals in Hinduism. Generally, even though its importance may not be that much, but religiously, this festival has a lot of importance. Not only the Mithun Sankranti, but all the Sankrantis that come in the year have a lot of importance in religious terms.

Mithuna Sankranti 2020 Date – According to Hindu calendar, new month starts with Mithun Sakranti which is third month of Hindu calendar. On this day, the Sun enters Gemini from Taurus. Hence it is called Mithun Sankranti. This change in planets has good and bad effects, so worship has special significance on this day.

This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Orissa which is called King Parba. Here, this festival is celebrated as a celebration of the arrival of Varsha Ritu.

Traditions of Mithun Sankranti: –

  • In Hinduism it is considered very auspicious to donate and gift clothes on the day of Mithun Sankranti.
  • On this day, there is a law to worship Lord Vishnu and Mother Earth.
  • In Orissa, special poojas are organized on this day by wearing traditional nutrients.
  • In the worship of Mother Earth, a stone is decorated with various types of flowers and other items of decoration and at the same time, the rain ritual is welcomed.
  • In celebration of Raja Parba, the girls swing on the banyan tree and swing and sing traditional songs.
  • Donating clothes to the needy on Mithun Sankranti is considered very good. Doing so gives great merit .
  • Consumption of rice on this day is considered prohibited.
  • Like all other Sankrantis, it is considered good to do pooja etc. in this sankranti for the peace of the ancestor’s soul.

Mithuna Sankranti 2020 For Auspicious Time:

Gemini Solstice 2020

In 2020, Mithun Sankranti will be celebrated on 15 June 2020, Monday

Mithun sankranti auspicious time auspicious time

Mithun Sankranti Punya Kaal Muhurta = 11:52 to 18:16.
Duration of Muhurta = 6 hours 24 minutes

The solstice period will be at 11:52 in the afternoon.

Auspicious time for Mahapunya period = 11:52 to 12:16.
Duration of Muhurta = 0 hour 24 minutes

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