Meenakshi Serial Actress Coronavirus Positive: Naa Peru Meenakshi Navya Tests Positive for Covid

By | July 1, 2020

Meenakshi Serial Actress Coronavirus Positive: Naa Peru Meenakshi Navya Tests Positive for Covid:

Meenakshi Serial Actress Coronavirus Positive

The Popular Serial “Meenakshi ” Fame actress Navya tests positive for Covid-19. The famous actress, actress named ‘Naa Peru Meenakshi’ and ‘Her Katha’ have been infected with the corona virus.

Navya, who has been diagnosed with coronavirus virus, is going through a virus diagnosis and she seems to be getting positive. Against this backdrop, all the members of the shooting team involved are undergoing corona testing.

Last week, Two TV stars have recently been diagnosed with coronavirus. Prabhakar and Harikrishna have been diagnosed with corona. Another Meenakshi Serial Actress Naya is also reported to be corona positive.

As on 7 June, total number of cases in Telangana was 3650, including 1771 active cases 137 deaths and 1742 recoveries.As on 22 June, total number of cases in Telangana was 8674, including 4452 active cases 217 deaths and 4005 cures.As on 26 June, total number of cases in Telangana is 11364, including 6446 active cases 230 deaths and 4688 cures.

Positivity Rate can be loosely defined as the number of patients turning positive for coronavirus upon testing per every 100 suspects. This rate can be calculated either on a daily basis or on a cumulative basis on the total number of tests conducted. In this parameter, Telangana state fares as one of the worst performing state in India with very high positivity rate.

As per the health bulletin issued by Government of Telangana on June 30, Telangana state claims to have conducted a cumulative number of 88563 tests of which, 16339 tested positive. The overall positivity rate comes to 18.44% (applicable for up to June 30). It needs to be noted that for a long time, the Telangana state did not publicly disclose the daily number of tests it was conducting daily that drew the ire of the High Court. Hence, the cumulative number of tests cannot be corroborated.

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