Liquor Lockdown: Liquor Shops closed till May 17 all over India

By | May 3, 2020

Liquor Lockdown: Liquor Shops closed till May 17 all over India:

Liquor Lockdown

“Liquor Shops are closed till May 17th 2020” in all states and union territories of India. Mostly Liquor shops are remain open after the lockdown period. There are several illegal liquor cases are booked in various states and cities mainly in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Haryana & Karnataka.

On 1 May, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and the Government of India (GoI) further extended the lockdown period to two weeks beyond 4 May, with some relaxations.The country has been split into 3 zones: red zones (130 districts), orange zones (284 districts) and green zones (319 districts).

Red zones are those with high coronavirus cases and a high doubling rate, orange zones are those with comparatively fewer cases and green zones are those without any cases in the past 21 days. Normal movement is permitted in green zones with buses limited to 50 percent capacity. Orange zones would allow only private and hired vehicles but no public transportation. The red zones would remain under lockdown. The zone classification would be revised once a week.

Food delivery services were banned by several state governments despite the central government’s approval. Thousands of people emigrated out of major Indian cities, as they became jobless after the lockdown.

Following the lockdown, India’s electricity demand fell down to a five-month low on 28 March. The lockdown broke the supply chain of narcotics in Punjab.Many states are keen on opening up liquor shops during this lockdown. Reports of a surge in illicit liquor sales and attempted suicide by some alcoholics and most importantly, drying up revenue from alcohol sale for these states is the main motive.It is now allowed in Maharashtra, Punjab and Kerala.

Alcohol is a subject in the State List under the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of India. Therefore, the laws governing alcohol vary from state to state.

Liquor in India is generally sold at liquor stores, restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, clubs and discos but not online. Some states, like Kerala and Tamil Nadu, prohibit private parties from owning liquor stores making the state government the sole retailer of alcohol in those states. In some states, liquor may be sold at groceries, departmental stores, banquet halls and/or farm houses. Some tourist areas have special laws allowing the sale of alcohol on beaches and houseboats.

Home delivery of alcoholic beverages is illegal in Delhi. However, in Delhi home delivery of beer and wine by private vendors and departmental stores is permitted.

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