Kristy Bonner Death | Kristy Bonner Obituary & Death Cause of Kristy Bonner

By | September 3, 2020

Kristy Bonner Death | Kristy Bonner Obituary & Death Cause of Kristy Bonner:

Kristy Bonner Death

Kristy Bonner is a career consultant. Kristy Bonner was having working with customers are 40+ people who are working to get job.She trains them, polishes their resume and cover letter through counselings.

Kristy Bonner is selling her courses. You must have how she is providing such a great information about resumes, cover letters, interviews etc.

Kirsty Bonner who was a great inspiration on LinkedIn for motivating and helping others with career advice etc. committed suicide. Only to get to Facebook and find out Chadwick Boseman passed away. She motivated, but who was there to motivate her through her PTSD moments. I learned so much from this lady and her posts and motivation has kept me through some trying times.

It hurts. To be there for everyone else. You pull your weight. You cry with others. You fight for others. You stick you head out for others. Go the extra mile for every one. You do whatever it takes. You serve and never question. But, when you are down, alone and out no one is there. No one to call and check in. No one to support. No one to cry on.

People love you for what they can get from you but don’t love you for who you are. The moment you can’t offer them what they want, you become a distant memory to them. They forget everything you ever did. One wrong cancels out every right you ever did for them. Life is about helping each other and supporting one another. Where is the love we talk about everyday, especially as Christians.

This is a wake up call for us, not everyone that says they are okay is okay. Check in. Check up. It may not be alright. All that glitters isn’t gold. Sometimes there is a lot of PAIN under a smile.

Kristy Bonner, the most useful, generous person on LinkedIn took her life as a result of #ptsd

People are hurting!
Everybodys secret battles are amplified because of our pandemic and the world situation.

accept, tolerate, forgive, repent.



do a random act of kindness and make it a habit.

And as I send this message on the most toxic platform on the planet. Actually, it’s more of an Insidious toxin that doesn’t kill instantly, yet slowly but surely kills humanity by destroying social contracts and manipulating with intent, actively hijacking your dopamine cycle and fuelling bulshit outrage.

RIP Kristy

and if you read this and are dealing with PTSD for whatever reason I strongly recommend checking out the link to tools in the comments.

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