Kovid Vigilante APP: Kerala Kovid APP Download, Registration, APK Download Online

By | May 26, 2020

Kovid Vigilante APP: Kerala Government Launched Kovid Vigilante App for Covid-19 Monitoring | Kerala Kovid APP Download, Registration, APK Download Online:

Kovid APP

The Kerala Health Department has launched the Kovid Application for monitoring the Covid-19 Pandemic and help the people from getting the infection from others.

The Kovid 19 app is a progressive application that can be used on both mobile and computer alike. This app only allows the services that are assigned to each individual. At the same time, it employs appropriate personnel to provide accurate services to the tens of thousands of people under surveillance.

This app allows you to consult the medical team if you need to take patients to a hospital. As per the instructions in the app, the ambulance is transported to the Kovid hospital. Moreover, WhatsApp helps patients in discharge and monitoring. Lab tests and results will show.

It provides complete information about those who come by checkpoint, railway, airport and sea port. All their health information is recorded in this. This app is meant to separate the sick, elderly, children and pregnant women.

The Health Team will inspect a person who has landed in Kerala through the Vigilance App and will be sent home or hospital. Accordingly, they are sent to a hospital, Covid care or home monitoring. According to their address, a notification will be sent to the respective Local Self Government Department Secretary and Medical Officer.

Everyone from outside Kerala must register with the alert. They can register their personal information, health information and emergency information. If registered in Norca, their information is included.

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