Katghora Corona Case: 40 Soldiers Isolated in Katghora due to Covid-19

By | May 7, 2020

Katghora Corona Case: 40 Soldiers Isolated in Katghora due to Covid-1:

Katghora Corona Case

Katghora, Chattisgarh: There was 9 jawan corona suspects have been found after screening of the returned police battalion from Korba and Katghora on Tuesday.

In lieu of this, 30 from Katghora battalion and 15 from Korba battalion have been screened and placed in post matric tribal hostel Raigad for 14 days in Quarantine. According to information received from the health department, 45 soldiers came to the headquarters from neighboring district Korba and Katghora blocks on Tuesday. 

According to the Health Department report, from May 3 to 6, 614 people came from other states. After the examination of all, the symptom is placed in the home isolation if it is not found.

All these jawans were screened by the Health Department. When the soldiers were screened by the Health Department, all the soldiers looked healthy while from the security point of view, the soldiers have been sent to Quarantine for 14 days.

The Health Department has sent samples for the RTPCR test along with carrying out all the rapid tests. All the soldiers have been isolated at the post matric tribal hostel of the city. There has been a ban on coming from other districts after Lockdown-3. People have started coming in large numbers from outside districts and provinces.

How will we win, if we don’t fight! My hand is broken but my faith remains unshattered: Radha Rani Biswas, a lab technician with a major fracture in right hand came to #Katghora from Raigarh district due to spurt in #Covid_19 infections there. #CoronaWillEndSoon #CoronaWarrior

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