Kalyan Adharwadi Fire Accident: Big fire at Aadharwadi dumping in Kalyan

By | May 9, 2020

Kalyan Adharwadi Fire Accident: Big fire at Aadharwadi dumping in Kalyan:

Kalyan Adharwadi Fire Accident

Kalyan: The waste of Kalyan-Adharwadi dumping ground caught fire at one o’clock this afternoon . The fire was huge. The fire brigade of Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation rushed to extinguish it. The fire had spread due to the wind that escaped in the afternoon. Lots of fire hit the sky. The smoke of the fire spread everywhere and the smoke went into the nostrils of the citizens.

Methane gas is formed at the bottom of this waste due to extreme summer temperatures. It catches fire when it comes in contact with sunlight. Ganosh Borade, Assistant Commissioner, Solid Waste Department, said that the fire was caused by methane gas.

People had come to the streets. 640 MT of waste is dumped at Aadharwadi dumping ground every day. There is a 25 meter hill of garbage there. The city’s waste was reduced by 40 percent during the lockdown. Even then 360 metric tons of waste is dumped. Even though the garbage is getting less, there is a mountain of garbage there.

This is the 13th time in the last four years that this dumping ground has caught fire. The hut owner next to the dumping site first thought their hut was on fire. The smoke from the fire had spread to the dumping area. The smoke choked the citizens at noon. Some civilians took to the streets. In the lockdown, everyone was told to stay home, but citizens were forced out of the house by the smoke.

As soon as he came to know about the fire, Municipal Commissioner Dr. Vij Suryavanshi reached this dumping. Inspected the fire there. Six fire engines and four water tankers were called in to put out the blaze. Efforts have been made to extinguish the fire and the fire will be brought under control by 6 pm, the administration claimed. Due to this, the fire had taken a big shape. There is a CN pump near the dumping. There is also a power station. The plastic drum placed there also caught fire.

The locals for last many years have been demanding to shift the ground, which is causing health issues to them as it is situated on the border of city where thousands of people live in the surrounding areas.

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