Joel Death: Joel the last of us Died? Abby kills Joel | Joel (The Last of Us) Death Video, Photos, Images, News

By | June 19, 2020

Joel Death: Joel the last of us Died? Abby kills Joel | Joel (The Last of Us) Death Video, Photos, Images, News:

Joel the last of us Death

Joel isn’t playable at all, so as to focus strictly on Ellie’s arc. We’ve known since The Last of Us Part 2 was announced that Ellie is the game’s main character. … Joel has died in the events bridging the first game and this one, and any appearance he makes in The Last of Us 2 will be in a memory or flashback.

Through a series of leaks, we learned that Abby’s dad was one of the surgeons Joel killed at the end of The Last of Us. Much of Part 2 is about Abby’s quest to avenge her dad. … She finds Joel and bashes his head in.

A massive The Last of Us Part 2 plot and gameplay leak perpetrated by hackers took place in April 2020, and by early May, important story details were leaked on the internet. To summarize, a new character named Abby kills Joel somewhat early in the game, and that sets Ellie on a violent quest for revenge.

They know that she won’t give up pursuing them unless something derails her, and her relationship with Joel is her last remaining weak point.

Abby kills Joel as an act of revenge for what he did to her father. It’s a controversial decision by Naughty Dog, but The Last of Us Part 2 tries to show that Abby is no different than Joel or Ellie. She makes tough decisions in a difficult world and has to live with the consequences.

Joel Miller is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the video game The Last of Us, and a supporting character in its sequel, The Last of Us Part II. Originally from Texas, Joel was a single father in his late twenties when the initial Cordyceps outbreak occurred. Fleeing with his brother Tommy and his twelve-year-old daughter Sarah, they got involved in a firefight with a soldier, and Sarah was mortally wounded and died in his arms, leaving him traumatized. In the 20 years that follow, Joel did whatever he had to do to survive.

In the time spent in the brutal post-apocalyptic world, still bitter from his daughter’s death, Joel became a hardened survivor, physically and mentally tough. He has a brutal fighting style and is capable of taking on and defeating much younger men in hand-to-hand combat.

Joel is the main playable character of the first game, where he is tasked with escorting a young girl named Ellie across the post-apocalyptic United States in an attempt to create a potential cure for an infection to which Ellie is immune. Along the way, he forms a bond with Ellie and eventually comes to see her as his daughter, ultimately choosing to save her from the revolutionary militia group known as the Fireflies and, therefore, ruining humanity’s chance at finding a cure.

Joel returns as a playable and supporting character in the second game, where he is living within a peaceful community alongside Ellie, until being murdered by a woman named Abby, who sought revenge on Joel for killing her father, leaving Ellie to attempt to exact revenge.

Joeal was voiced by Troy Baker, who also provided motion capture for the character, and was created by Neil Druckmann, the creative director and writer of The Last of Us. The character has been well-received by critics, with Ellie’s relationship with Joel most frequently the subject of praise. Both the character and Baker’s performance received numerous awards and nominations alongside with Ellie, and have regularly been placed favorably in polls and lists.

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