International Integration Day 2020 June 16th Theme , Images, Wikipedia

By | June 16, 2020

International Integration Day 2020 June 16th Theme, Images, Wikipedia:

International Integration is a financial concept in which countries have an ever greater number of financial transactions, investments & interests outside their borders. Through financial integration, nations become increasingly financially interdependent.

Encouraging people towards unity, peace, love and brotherhood Promoting harmony among our people despite diversity Of the society in culture, languages, religions, geographical. Bringing together the youths and others of religious back ground, Social, cultural, economical and education to mix Up with each other, understand and work as one group.

Developing better understanding among youths about diverse Perceptions, faiths and life styles to strengthen the unity of people. Indeed a fitting method to pay respects and gratitude to great lady
Brutally killed by a fellow citizen- atrocious

This process requires at least four constituent elements:
(a) the political units involved must permit the establishment of central institutions which promulgate policies;
(b) the functions of this central authority may not be trivial or vague but must be important and specific;
(c) the functions, or tasks, performed by the central institutions should be inherently “expansive”;
(d) the political units must remain committed to the common enterprise because they perceive ensuing benefits.

Processes relevant to integration
Interaction. It is important, both historically and analytically, to distinguish between processes of interaction among the members of a world society and processes of integration. Clearly, there can be no processes of global integration if there are no processes of global interaction; at the same time, frequent interaction can take place without diminution of the autonomy of the members that could lead to the establishment of a new central authority.

The consequences of this increased interaction on relationships of interdependence are somewhat ambivalent. On the one hand, interdependence, when perceived, at times has been resisted and measures have been taken to counteract it. In recent history some states, or groups of states, have deliberately sought to reduce their dependence on other states of the international system—say, in matters of military security, the exchange of raw materials or finished commodities, etc.—so as to preserve for themselves a higher degree of political maneuverability or to deny advantages to an actual or potential opponent.

Restrictions on international travel and on the free flow of labor across international borders, and restrictive immigration or emigration policies, are other examples of curtailing social interaction with the expected consequence of reducing some type of interdependence.

Collective security
The hope that global integrative trends would lead to a world society whose members would resolve their conflicts with a minimum of violence is at the heart of the more ambitious proposals for an integrated international system. A key attribute of a highly integrated international system would thus be a central authority endowed with a monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force.

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