Hyderabad Leopard Video, Photos | Black Panther in Hyderabad Lying On the Road today News

By | May 14, 2020

Hyderabad Leopard Video, Photos | Black Panther in Hyderabad Lying On the Road today News

leopard in hyderbad

Leopard has created a riot on the roadside in Hyderabad. The leopard was found in Kathedan under the Mylardev Palli police station in Rangareddy district. Local people noticed the leopard lying on the road in the morning.

Locals spotted the leopard at Cathedral Under Bridge. They were worried about seeing an injured leopard on the national highway. Upon receiving the information, the police, forest and Juppar staff immediately rushed to the scene. Traffic on the road was restricted. Forest officials have made arrangements to take the leopard to Juppark. But trying to capture the leopard … it hurt a person. After escaping, he went into the garden next to the railway gate and disappeared.

Not just this, but many other similar incidents have taken place all over the world. A kayote was found roaming on New York City roads a weeks ago, and Venice’s canals have life prospering in them.

Venice’s canals are now clearer than ever, and dolphins and swans have been spotted in them. This hasn’t happened in more than a hundred years, and has now been possible because of reduced human activity.

Once we all get back to our daily loves after this pandemic, whenever that is, we should all make sure that we make this Earth a better place for all wildlife.



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