Guru Amar Das Jayanthi 2020 | Guru Amar Das Ji Birthday Images, Quotes, Photos, Sikkim Festival,

By | May 4, 2020

“Happy Guru Amar Das Jayanthi”

“05th May”

guru amar das birthday

Guru Amar Das was born on 1479 in Khadur, India, third Sikh Guru (1522–74), appointed at the advanced age of 73, noted for his division of the Punjab into administrative districts and for encouraging missionary work to spread the faith. He was much revered for his wisdom and piety, and it was said that even the Mughal emperor Akbar sought his advice and ate in the Sikhs’ casteless langar (communal refectory).

Under Amar Das’s direction, the city of Goindwal became a centre of Sikh authority and learning. He strengthened the existing institutions of Sikh scripture, liturgy, and langar, making it a rule that anyone who wished to see him had to eat in the refectory first. He also introduced a religio-administrative structure of 22 manjis (literally “cots,” in function “seats”), which created the possibility of effective governance for the entire increasingly large Sikh community. Appointees to these seats were to provide doctrinal guidance for their constituents, encourage the entry of others into the Sikh community, and serve as links between the local congregations and Goindwal. To further enhance the cohesion between distant congregations and Goindwal, Guru Amar Das instituted pilgrimages that were tied to a newly formed Sikh calendar. By incorporating two preexisting festivals, Vaisakhi (at the time of the spring harvest) and Diwali (at the fall harvest), into the calendar and changing their orientation, he established two major occasions when all Sikhs were encouraged to go to Goindwal and participate in communal celebrations.

Guru Amar Das advocated a middle way of life between the extremes of asceticism and sensuous pleasure, and he praised the life of the ordinary family man. Thus, a man could enjoy prosperity and please God also. He purified the Sikh religion of Hindu practices, encouraged intercaste marriage, and allowed widows to remarry. He also strictly enjoined his followers to refrain from the prevailing Hindu practice of suttee (self-immolation of a widow on her husband’s funeral pyre). He died on died 1574, Goindwal.

Guru Amar Das began life as a devout Hindu. He grew up to be a devotee of the Hindu deity Vishnu. Amar Das married Mansa Devi and had a daughter Dani. His brother, Manak Chand had a son, Jasoo, who had married, Amro, Guru Angad Dev’s elder daughter. At the age of 61, Amar Das overheard Amro singing the hymns of Nanak and became a follower of Sikhism.

Contributions to Sikkism:

Guru Amar Das and Mata Khivi, Angad Dev’s widow, worked together to carry on the tradition of langar, free meals served from the guru’s communal kitchen. He decreed that all who came to see him should be first fed and implemented the concept of “pangat sangat,” nourishment of both body and soul, insisting all people sit together as equal without regard to gender, rank or caste. The Guru uplifted the status of women and encouraged them to discard the veil. He supported remarriage and denounced the practice of sati, a Hindu custom compelling a widow to be burnt alive on her husband’s funeral pyre.

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