Covid 19 E-Pass Apply Online State Wise for Workers/Students/Transport/Migrants

By | May 4, 2020

Covid 19 E-Pass Apply Online State Wise for Workers/Students/Transport/Migrants:

The Indian Government launches ‘ePass System’ to issue passes for Intra District, Inter District & Inter-State movement of people during Lockdown. The online portal enables individuals & organisations to apply for e-passes. To avail the e-Pass service.

Indian Govt launched a website for Non Residential Indians to return back to the country. The portal would accept registration of such people living outside India & who want to return to Indian once air traffic is restored. Register in the following links.

Indian e-Governance Agency has launched the “ePass System” today on May 2nd for the migrant registration of workers, students, tourists and other persons. The migrant workers, students and other stranded persons can register at ePass system portal for coming back home.

The individuals, as well as organizations, can create the ePass through the online portal after filling the application form . In below section how to apply online Indian Covid 19 e pass for travel  during lockdown.

There are three types of E pass here, Let us see the below section

  1. Inter-State pass (for coming back)
  2. Inter-District ePass (for moving to another district)
  3. Intra-district ePass ( for moving within the district

For any type of traveling during the lockdown, the people can visit the portal and register themselves.

How to apply E-Pass?

  • Visit the official Website which is given below. First, Type your mobile number then you get the OTP in your mobile using of OTP Login the page.
  • For the next step you have to select the type of travel (Interstate, Inter District, Intra District).
  • Then, fill the application form with required details(Name, Address, Destination Location, Contact number)

After you filled the application form for migrant registration the notification and travel details you have in your message for details in the next 1-2 days. The Government assigned Special officers for each district to handle this migrants process.

Sl. No. State Link
1. Rajasthan
2. Tamil Nadu
3. Gujarat
4. Uttarakhand
5. Odisha
6. Karnataka
7. Kerala
8. Punjab
9. Arunachal Pradesh
10. Haryana
11. Chattisgarh
12. Madhya Pradesh
13. Telangana
14. Goa
15. West Bengal
16. Uttar Pradesh
17. Chandigarh
18. Jammu & Kashmir
19. Ledakh
20. Jharkhand
21. Maharashtra
22. Himachal Pradesh
23. Manipur
24. Andhra Pradesh

Indian Government restricts followed people wherever they go through migrants should follow the social distancing norms and wear face masks. The migrants will be screened prior to the movement and only COVID-19 negative persons will be allowed to travel. For more details about E- Pass Keep in touch with my website or If you have any queries means kindly command in below box.

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