Birsa Munda Jayanti 2020: Birsa Munda Jayanti Quotes, Punyatithi, Revolt, Image, Photos, Video, Songs, Status | बिरसा मुंडा Martyrdom Day National Youth Power in Hindi:

By | June 9, 2020

Birsa Munda Jayanti 2020: Birsa Munda Jayanti Quotes, Punyatithi, Revolt, Image, Photos, Video, Songs, Status | बिरसा मुंडा Martyrdom Day National Youth Power in Hindi:

Birsa Munda Jayanti 2020

Birsa Munda (1875–1900) was a freedom fighter and folk leader of the Indian forests. In the latter days of the 19th century , he led the Millennial movement of the British period in the present day Bihar and Jharkhand regions. Thereby becoming a prominent figure in the history of Indian independence. He is pictured in the Central Hall of the Indian Parliament in his honor. Birsa Munda is the only sporting species leader to be honored in this way.

Birsa Munda is best remembered as a warrior who participated in the Indian Independence Movement as a rebel against British colonialism. His achievement is all the more remarkable as he achieves all this without crossing at least half a century

Birsa Munda was born on Thursday , November 15, 1875 in the village of Ulihatu in Khunti district of Jharkhand .  According to the custom of the Munda people at that time, he was named after his birthday. Even in folklore, his birthplace is confused as Ulihatu or Chalcad. The birthplace of Birsa’s father, Sugana Munda, is Ulihatu. Anna Birsa Munda komta ulihatulo having lived in his house, and as a result of the dilapidated, who ulihatulo janmincadanna’s argument.

Birsa’s father Suguna Munda, mother Karmi Hatu,  Birsa Munda was a shepherd at home as a child. His younger brother, Pasna Munda, left Ulihatu and settled in Kurumba at Birbanki for mercenary work. In Kurumba, Birsa Anna Komta and older sister Daskir were born. From there it moved to Bamba. It was there that Birsa’s older sister Champa and Birsa were born.


He stayed at his uncle’s house in the village of Ahubatu and enrolled in a school in the nearby village of Salga. Bourgeois later moved to Mission School. It was then that his family embraced Christianity. Observing his talent, he was sent to another missionary school in Chaibasa, the district headquarters of West Singhbhum. There he shaped the history and modern science of the West. As a result he understood the oppression and exploitation of British rulers.

 The 120th martyrdom of Lord Birsa Munda will be celebrated on 9 June 2020 as the resolution day for the public’s right to land, forests, minerals and employment in CPI-ML Jharkhand. On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of Birsa Ulagulan, the people of Jharkhand, rich in natural wealth, have become the most victims of the unplanned lockdown of Modi’s central government. The migrant laborers of Jharkhand are still eager to return home in lakhs. Have been evicted from employment. Despite the abundance of land, forest and minerals, the jugaad of bread is forced to wander. The state secretary of the party, Jourdan Prasad, said the same on 8 June.

Shri Prasad said that even if the villages are getting work under MGNREGA, minimum wages are not available. It is a sign of respectable life. Despite the change in government in Jharkhand, the police system in the districts is not deterred by the defense of the killers and by implicating innocent people in fake cases. That is why the CPI will celebrate the varsity of Birsa Ulagulan in Male State as Sankalp Diwas. Every village, office, in Chatti-bazar will collectively resolve by following physical distance. Flag and slogans will display their demands with written placards.

Today is the day to remember the martyrdom of Birsa Munda. He still has followers in some areas of Jharkhand. They consider themselves as Birsite. That is, followers of religion based on the ideas of Birsa. This is their religion. They still hope that their land Aba will come back and liberate the “water-forest-land”.

These followers of Birsa live in around 8–10 villages around Kayentai and Junkopai villages in West Singhbhum. This is the same area in the “Corentia Buru” hill where Birsa Munda struggled in his last days. It is about 25 kilometers from Bandgaon and 7-8 km from Tebow.


Birsa Munda’s great-grandson Kanhaiya Munda is proud that his great grandfather’s sacrifice did not go in vain. However he also states that “there is still a lot to be done.” Earlier, the British used to encourage local moneylenders and landlords and took forest produce and minerals from the forest. Even today all this is happening, but the nature has changed. That is why even today Ulugulan is needed. ”

Kanhaiya Munda is around 21 years old. He is a student at Yogada Satsang College in Jagannathpur area of ​​Ranchi. The economic condition of them and their families is very bad. When asked, Kanhaiya Munda told that his father Mangal Singh Munda was not educated. Therefore, in the village, they do wages and so on, and somehow they are getting educated.

However, the views of Birsait people and Birsa’s great-grandson Kanhaiya Munda are not limited to them only. Birsa is the hero of the struggle against feudal and corporate forces. Birsa’s ideas have expanded to other disadvantaged sections of society in recent decades. Apparently this has led the society in the direction of the transformative Ulgulan, which the earth had imagined.

It is to be known that Birsa Munda has left an indelible mark with her Ulagulan at the age of 25 only that today the people of tribal society give them the status of God. A hundred hundred years ago, a boy from a remote wooded area forced the British rule to accept their iron status. The only consequence of the Birsa movement is that the CNT and SPT laws exist today.

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