Aishwarya Rajesh Childhood Sexual Harassment: Aishwarya Rajesh Opens Up her Personal Life

By | May 26, 2020

Aishwarya Rajesh Childhood Sexual Harassment: Aishwarya Rajesh Opens Up her Personal Life:

Aishwarya Rajesh Childhood Sexual Harassment

The Famous Tamil Actress Aishwarya Rajesh opens up her personal life. She shared his sexual abuse, childhood memories & how she overcome with all the problems having in her life.

The Actress says, I was born and raised in a slum in Chennai. The three older brothers had only one brother. We lived in a small house of six, including my father and mother. Her father died when she was eight years old. Mother raised us without the feeling of being a father. Her mother was a fighter.

My mother tongue is Telugu. Mother knows only Telugu. She does not know English or Hindi. We raised four people with a lot of hard work. They would have gone to Bombay and bought expensive saris and brought them to Chennai. She has worked as a LIC agent and in real estate. We were given a higher education. I studied in leading schools.

When I inquired about TV serials, I was told that I get Rs. The shoot is five or six days a month. My mother told me that the amount of work done from morning to night was a small amount, and that there were actors who would pay me 25000-50000. That’s how movies are.

First there will be little fruit. If you get fame then you will get it again ‘. She recently participated in a dance reality show. It was taken care of. So I started working on it. The first movie was ‘They and These’. It failed financially. Again he tried. Sexual exploitation is one of the biggest problems facing the film industry. It is everywhere. Not only did I face sexual exploitation, I was ridiculed for the color.

Truth be told, I didn’t know how to dress like a Supernatural. As a Tamil-speaking girl and because of my dark complexion, I have missed many opportunities. ‘ A director once said to me directly. You can’t make heroines like you. The heroine’s friend can play you such small roles. Don’t waste time looking for a heroine. ‘ A very famous director once told me. Come on a role with the actor dealing with comedy. I was told I wasn’t interested.

There was no opportunity for two or three years. Later, when the role of Amauda in Attakkathi was noticed, Paneer and Padmini, Rummy and Tirutan police began to take lead roles. It was the ravens that changed my life. She acted as the mother of two children. No one was ready to play the mother role.

I didn’t find it difficult. Kakamutta received many awards. As a dancing actress. She also acted in seven films. No one supported it. She has faced sexual abuse. If someone treats me badly, I know how to respond.

The film is based on the Kakamuta slum. I was staying there and acting. There, a girl washing clothes is inside the house. That’s where the intimacy is. Four children, a puppy and so on. But they enjoy that life. I felt like a mistress. I have yet to act with a big star.

The cause of it is unknown. I was cast by celebrities who knew my talent. She acted alongside Dhanush in Vadakkan Chennai and Vijay Sethupathi in Dharmadhurai.

I decided that if the big stars wanted me, I would do films that could be heroines themselves. And so did Kana. He acted as a cricketer. I had six months of training. That movie changed my life again. He started doing great things. I am the hero of all six films that are doing it now.

I believed in myself. No one came to support. I have been mocked and sexually abused by people of color. But I have overcome it. If someone tries to hurt me, I know how to pay it back. Your safety is in you. No Superman will save you.

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